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Nicki Nicki Krokuswiese 1
Nicki Krokuswiese 2 Nicki

Born 27-08-2007.

Daughter of Gandalf. See also here.

When the kittens where born, I just started giving them preliminary names, as we didn't know how much kittens there will come. There came Nicki, Nucki, Nacki and Necki. We got used to Nicki, so she kept the name.

Enjoys her first summer. Loves hunting bees and flys.

Was recently quite disappointed, when her mother Gandalf stopped her feeding after 8 months. Tried to persuade her grandaunt Hobbesy to feed her with milk instead, but Hobbesy reacted quite uncooperative. ;-)

There is no faster cat than Nicki pinching delicacies from mother and grandaunt.

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